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Select the messages I wish to release/delete/whitelist/etc.?

From DigiTar Support

1. Login to the DigiTar SMS Portal (see How do I...Log in to the SMS Portal?).

2. Simply check the checkbox next to each message you wish to perform an action on. De-selecting a message is as simple as unchecking the checkbox next to the message.

When a quarantined message in the list is selected, the
background of the quarantined message’s row will change
from white to light-yellow.
It is important to remember that when you change pages
in the DigiTar SMS Portal, the quarantined messages you
have selected automatically become de-selected. For example,
if you were to select three quarantined messages on the
first “page” of your quarantine list, and
then click the “Next” link, those three quarantined
messages would become de-selected automatically.

See Also: How do I...Select all messages in the SMS Portal quarantine list?

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