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Find a particular message in the SMS Portal quarantine?

From DigiTar Support

1. Login to the DigiTar SMS Portal (see How do I...Log in to the SMS Portal?).

2. Locate the the "Search" text box and button at the top-center of the SMS Portal quarantine list.

3. You can use the search function to locate quarantined messages that contain desired keywords. The search function searches the entirety of every quarantined message including: sender and receiver addresses, subjects, headers and message bodies. To use the search function, simply type the keywords and/or e-mail addresses you’re looking for into the search textbox and click the “Search” button.

4. After clicking the “Search” button the quarantine list will reappear, now containing only the quarantined messages that match your search criteria.

To view all of your quarantined messages again, simply
click the “Home” link on the navigation row at the
top of the page.

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