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Deliverability Report: What does it check for?

From DigiTar Support

Every week, we send a "Deliverability Problem Report" to the administrators we have on file for your domain. The report checks to make sure there are no critical issues that would affect your ability to receive e-mail. Below is a list of the different issues the report checks for (this list may change without notice):

  • MX Problems
    • Missing required DigiTar MX records.
    • Unexpected/non-DigiTar MX records.
    • DigiTar MX records are not the top/most preferred records.
    • There are no NS records listed for your domain.
    • Name servers for your domain are not responding.
    • Your domain does not exist in the global DNS system.
  • Connectivity Problems
    • One or more of DigiTar's regional data centers cannot connect to one or more of your mail servers.
    • One or more of your mail servers is world accessible. Any server on the Internet is allowed to connect to your mail servers (it is recommended that only DigiTar's servers be able to).

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