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Configure invalid recipient refusal?

From DigiTar Support

What is Invalid Recipient Refusal?

Invalid recipient refusal is where your mail server actively rejects mail sent to invalid mailboxes during the SMTP transaction. This is instead of accepting the message and generating a bounce message afterwards.

Why should I enable it?

Enabling invalid recipient refusal on the your mail server, enables Sentinel Messaging's™ veriSYNC™ feature. With veriSYNC™ we are able to provide the following benefits:

  • Further reduce the amount of load on your mail server. This is because we interrogate your mail server regarding invalid mail recipients and use that information to silently drop messages sent to them. As a result, not only does your mail server avoid seeing those messages all together, it also does not have to expend considerable CPU cycles bouncing them back to their senders.
  • Complete Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) protection. With veriSYNC™, we are able to prevent an attacker from figuring out which e-mail addresses are valid both during the SMTP transaction to Sentinel Messaging™, and also by preventing your mail server from sending bounces for invalid addresses back to the attacker.
  • Automatic removal of deleted/inactivated mailboxes. By enabling veriSYNC™ to operate, your organization's Sentinel Messaging™ user list runs lock-step with your internal mail directory. This means absolutely no administration to add new users (Auto Provisioning), or to remove them once they leave (veriSYNC™).

How do I configure invalid recipient refusal?

To enable veriSYNC™ please select your mail server below:

If you require any help whatsoever in configuring invalid recipient refusal on your mail server, please do not hesitate to give us a shout.

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