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Change how often I receive digest messages?

From DigiTar Support

1. Login to the DigiTar SMS Portal (see How do I...Log in to the SMS Portal?).

2. Select the “Options” link on the navigation row at the top of the DigiTar SMS Portal.

3. On the resulting page, from the “Digest Frequency” drop-down menu, select the frequency that describes how often you would like to receive e-mail digests of your latest spam (NOTE: each digest will only list new spam quarantined since the most recent digest was e-mailed to you and will be limited to the “Messages/page” setting). Then click the “Update” button next to the “Digest Frequency” drop-down menu.

4. Your new spam digest frequency settings have been saved. You will now receive spam digests via e-mail according to your new setting.

See Also: What is a digest?

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