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Add an entire domain/company to my whitelist?

From DigiTar Support

1. Login to the DigiTar SMS Portal (see How do I...Log in to the SMS Portal?).

2. Click the "Whitelist" link located at the upper-right of the SMS Portal.

3. In the text-box at the top of the resulting page, type in the wildcard pattern for the domain/company whom you wish to add to your whitelist. For example, to whitelist all mail from anyone at microsoft.com, you would add *microsoft.com to your whitelist. Simply put the asterix in the part of the e-mail address that you want SMS to ignore.

You can both whitelist a whole domain or just a username.

To whitelist a whole domain, enter '*mydomain.com' into
the field next to the 'Add' button in the whitelist view.
This will ensure that any mail received from 'joe@mydomain.com',
'jill@mydomain.com' or any other username at that domain
will not be quarantined as spam.

If you receive mail from one user on different domains
(eg. 'joe@yahoo.com' and 'joe@msn.com') and would like
to make sure that any mail from these users will not
be quarantined as spam, you can enter 'joe@*' in the
field next to 'Add' button in the whitelist view and
then click the 'Add' button.

Please note that using wildcards with your whitelist
has the potential to let spam enter your mailbox.

4. Then click the "Add" button.

5. Repeat as necessary for each sender you wish to manually add to your whitelist.

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